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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Computer Geek

I recall the days when having a serious fascination with computers and technology ended up being considered an awful thing.  I never ever understood just what those guys during my senior school had been performing, hunched over their unique old-school mac computers and speaing frankly about RAM.  It sounded like a foreign vocabulary and nerdy!  Quickly ahead a couple of years, and guys who’re into techy, pc stuff are in sought after and there’s simply some thing about those so-called “nerds” that most women are unable to get enough of, such as myself!  So what can I say, i’ve a weakness for men that knows his method around a difficult drive features their means with HTML.  Listed below are my top five reasons to date a personal computer geek…and i ought to know, I’m online dating among my own!

1. They can correct every little thing.  This might be specially helpful for girls like me that have a tendency to break circumstances plenty ???? .  But here’s the fact, in the event the guy does not learn how to fix something-for example, the car or laptop, he’ll google it until he’s blue in face.  He will pull up lessons on Youtube, download detail by detail pdfs, and acquire the work done.  A personal computer technical won’t state “I am not sure ideas on how to do that…”, the guy usually figures it out-and that sort of determination is pretty damn beautiful.

2. He has their hands on pulse of society. I start thinking about me a rather net savvy girl and an entire social media marketing addict. Computer geeks go one step further though.  They understand exactly what sites to go to once, for all the best possible and a lot of updated details.  My personal boyfriend consistently g-chats me links through-out your day of breaking development stories that I haven’t also been aware of, whether or not I’m finalized into chanel preston twitter/facebook/foursquare…which i usually in the morning! I’ll most likely never learn how he will it, but I anticipate my personal gchats everyday.

3. They don’t need continual interest.  You understand how some men require non-stop praise and interest?  Perhaps not pc geeks. They will have learned to play on their own, in fact it is fantastic when you really need attain your own things done!   This business include happiest when it’s only  all of them, some music and their additional hard disk drives.  Hmm..that seemed quite dirtier than we intended!  You won’t need certainly to constantly host them-they will not lack what to check out on line.

4. You might never get lost.  A couple weeks back, my boyfriend required on a birthday visit to bay area.  We’d not a clue where to go for eating, to buy, to explore and didn’t carry out a great deal thinking ahead period.  I found myself slightly concerned that individuals’d overlook some good places, yet not anyway!  He merely busted out their new iphone, google maps, yelp, metropolitan scoop and navigated united states across the urban area like he was my own individual trip manual.  It actually was thus fun, and I also thought very taken care of.  If you’re planning to do that though and entirely count on handheld technologies, be sure you seize your own telephone charger on the road out the door.

5. You will usually get considerably.  Before we began internet dating my personal sweetheart, I becamen’t the biggest enthusiast of internet shopping.  It seemed a discomfort from inside the butt and much more pricey as soon as you considered transport and I liked the instant satisfaction you obtain from walking into a shop and walking-out with something totally new.  My personal boyfriend introduced us to the realm of Ebay (yes, I experiencedn’t used Ebay before, do not assess), searching on the internet for online coupons for discounts and free shipping, and confirmed me personally the good thing about reading reviews-now I browse product reviews on anything before I buy it, it is some new unusual dependency.  Yes, i would need certainly to wait several days the post to reach but I’ve stored so much cash since I started utilizing his little tips that I’ll never return to my personal outdated shopping behaviors!

 Ever dated a computer nerd?


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